Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • Vision Inc.

      President/Managing Director

      Kenichi SANO

  • Vision Inc.

    Now information and communication technology evolves dramatically and on the other hand it can be said that we have full of opportunities for business and communication. We have kept the position of the number one distributor in all fields of information & communication services. We believe it is because of the fact that we always stand firmly from the customer's point of view and provide the best value. For the future of information & communication and for the future of all people, as a creator of new services, we keep providing services that customers can use more securely, more conveniently and more efficiently. By doing so, we would like to support more realization of many dreams and more success for everyone with more foresighted choice.

Origin of "Global WiFi"

  • Our company was established and has been expanded as a distributor of information & communication equipment. We operate an information & communication service business and a global WiFi business. Our overseas business approach consists mainly of “Global WiFi” which provides a comfortable Internet environment for people traveling abroad and “NINJA WiFi” which provides a convenience communication service for continuously increasing foreign visitors to Japan. Once we worked with Brazil and Peru people at the time of establishment. Since then, we have created a workplace environment which is equal for every employees regardless of age, sex and nationality. “Global WiFi” service started in 2011 when smartphones began to spread. At that time, I received a lot of opinions from my customers and acquaintances that the communication fee during overseas business trips and traveling is very high, then I thought a way to make it somehow cheaply. Our solution for this problem became the root of our service. We took 3 months for refining a basic concept and launched a service in 8 months. Now we negotiate with telecommunications companies all over the world to build our services. We will continue to enrich related services based on “Global WiFi” and grow with our partners while focusing on efforts and improvements to increase the value of existing products and services.

Progress with master franchisee in Thailand

  • Our partner in Thailand offers “Global WiFi” which is a Wi-Fi router rental service for travellers to Europe, Korea, Singapore, etc. “SAMURAI WiFi” is a partner’s service that customers can receive a device in Thailand and use it in Japan. From 2014, our Japanese staff has expanded the service to Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong based on Southeast Asia. It has succeeded with local staffs by taking in the good part of Japanese style. Our partner in Thailand leads the Southeast Asian market and we feel that it is better to leave a good partner company who knows the goodness of each country and region. We share information about sales activities, customer management, product offerings and know-hows such as “Why we are growing up.”

GO BEYOND. Project

  • We have started a project to support people challenging from Japan to the world since 2015. To support people and organizations who aim at new innovations and growth beyond national borders and restrictions, we currently offer a program through providing “Global WiFi” for 84 persons in business, sport domains and other approaches. We work on by wishing to serve so as not to be troubled by the communication environment for the people who are challenging overseas. In this age, prospective persons can post and spread themselves to their supporters through SNS. I hope everyone to step up more by using it effectively.

To the endless quest

  • For our expansions in the world, we are careful about laws, rules of information & communication which are different by country. As Vision group, we pay attention to face to face dialogue with foreign national people. Meanwhile, we are paying attention to “hub airport” such as Paris, Los Angeles, etc. than countries with many foreign visitors. As for the market, USA is the most interesting and we would like to consider advancing to USA after ensuring the ground and making an equation to win. Internally, we will raise intellectual productivity rather than labour intensive business to generate synergy effects. From now on, we will expand our Wi-Fi router rental service as well as translation service and booking tool service at travel destination as our core businesses. Today, we have the bases in 12 countries and offer services to more than 200 countries and regions, but the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator)is matters concerning the enhancement of service quality and contents. By doing so, we try to increase the market share in each country and would like to secure the top 20 in the world’s inbound countries. In the domain of information & communications, we want to make sure that people do not have to worry when crossing the border. We create a platform to solve such problem and provide it in places where our service is needed and wish to satisfy customers who use our service all over the world.

  • Kenichi SANO

    Kenichi Sano President/Managing Director, Vision Inc.
    Established Vision in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1995
    The management philosophy is "to contribute to the revolution of the information and communications industry in the world".
    As a communication infrastructure distributor for telephone lines, corporate mobile phones, business phones, copy machines, etc., the company boasts the top class sales performance in the models based on WEB marketing and CRM system.
    Started global WiFi router rental service "Global WiFi®" for overseas from 2012. Currently providing the environment of "safe, secure and comfortable mobile internet anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world" in more than 200 countries and regions.

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