Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • Ueshima Coffee Trading Co., Ltd.

      President/Managing Director

      Atsushi UESHIMA

  • Ueshima Coffee Trading Co., Ltd.

    The lifestyle of people continues to change according to the times. In line with this, the Café business continues to extremely intensify. In this harsh market, we have flexibly changed and have achieved solid growth. Our main force is own marketing theory which is reflected in roots sales, wagon service, MUC franchise system, etc. At the root of this unique marketing theory, there is our basic concept based on our corporate philosophy, "based on the trust and experience cultivated through coffee industry, we contribute to provide customers with pleasure and peace of mind, realize a spiritually rich life style, create and widen the circle of excitement and smiles to the world.” . With this concept, we form our current network and deploy speedy services.

Café market in Japan & toward foreign market

  • It has been 43 years since we started FC business. It was the beginning that our neighbors who came to see our prospering coffee shop wanted to open the same shop.

    Currently, there are 28 FCs and 2 directly operated shops in Japan.

    Regarding the FC business of the Café, as the major chains occupy a lot, so it can be said that all major domestic areas are fulfilling. Namely it is no doubt that they are in saturation and we are in a situation of competing to get customers. On the other hand, our starting point was a roasted coffee. From that point, we are planning to expand overseas based on our originality.

    I also assume that attention must be paid to differences in employment, food culture, and customs while also considering the legal matters of each country. In other words, it is an issue whether the same FC package as in Japan will work locally.

Level up coffee industry through overseas expansion

  • I heard that there are many areas in the world where the coffee culture is not known and there are many people who do not know what quality coffee is even in the country of producing coffee beans.

    For further improvement of the coffee industry, I feel that we need to know the coffee of home country and other countries and have each other work harder and harder. I think it will be a great benefit to lead to further improvement of the coffee industry.

Planning expansion in Vietnam

  • We would like to proceed overseas expansion after preparing the package (shop style/human resource) system by our new MUC COFFEE ROASTERS business (MCR project) in Japan.
    At the present stage, there are issues of distribution under keeping freshness of coffee and keeping the quality at overseas bases. In Vietnam where is also a country of producing coffee beans for popular JAPAN brand’s coffees, we try to reduce transportation costs by consistently producing everything from cultivation of coffee beans to sales and contribute to the local economic development.
    In addition, we plan to formulate a way to secure revenue with the MUC brand license.
    We are targeting one shop in Vietnam in three years, five shops in the surrounding Asian areas in five years, and 30 FC shops in ten years.
    I do not just want to make money but I would like to serve Asian countries.

Japanese café culture to the world

  • MUC derives from my grandfather’s name who is the founder of the company. At the end of this year, we plan to sell the topmost premium coffee, which is contained in a special sealed box with high sealability.
    For us, coffee is a culture originally came from abroad and it has been specially arranged in Japan. We hope to let customers abroad know about the service of café culture unique to Japan by reversely importing it together with Japanese culture.

  • Atsushi UESHIMA

    August 17, 1964 Born in Osaka
    March 1987 Graduated from Kinki University (School of Commerce and Management)
    1987 Joined a food trading company
    2009 Appointed as managing director of UESHIMA COFFEE TRADING CO., LTD.
    Osaka Coffee Commerce and Industry Association Director
    Osaka Prefecture Small and Medium Enterprise Association, Environment Committee Dean

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