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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • COPEL

      president and representative director

      Otsubo Nobuyuki

Infinite possibilities of children

  • Since I got my own child, I became very interested in the education of child and tried various intellectual educations for my child.

    It has been the starting point for my educational business.

    I think that “moral norms” are required as much as now more than before.

    Since ancient times, the importance of “personality” has been cast by many philosophers and thinkers.

    Personality should be trained from early childhood.

    COPEL welcomes our school from a 4 month baby.

    I think myself it is best to start from 11 months.

    It is on time if your child is six years or less.

    There is a way to make it possible even after 6 years old.

    We are learning “infinite possibilities from children” every day.

My turning point for expanding education and women's activity

  • It was the beginning that a woman who originally worked for our company in Fukuoka returned to Oita. One day I received a message from her “I want to run a COPEL classroom once again”.

    Her passion was out of the common.

    It seems like a funny story, but at the beginning a few children were forcibly collected in the middle of the rice paddle and it became a reputation and her classroom had over 80 students.

    One of our prides is a figure of 83% of women returning to work.

    We have an environment that allows women to return to work after childbirth.

    It can be said that women can make an outstanding contribution at our workplace.

    There are women in the he classroom owners and all the teachers who teach children are women.

    It is also female employees who constantly evolve teaching materials and produce them.

    Ofcourse I give out ideas, but it is women in thirties to forties that embody it.

The abundance of teaching materials may be a Guinness record

  • Currently there are 2000 teaching materials, 7000 prints and 10000 card teaching materials.

    My friend says “have you ever thought to apply your record to Guinness Book?”

    The students of COPEL consist of from zero age to 12 years and we prepare updated teaching materials for each child and never use the same one.

    Regarding teaching methods of our teaching materials, we are constantly sharing and practicing COPEL members with COPELNET videos.

    About 500 kinds of movies are always prepared.

    In this way, COPEL is creating an environment that can always produce evolved teaching materials.

Spreading word of mouth and commitment

  • Recruitment of students is largely depending on word of mouth.

    “My child learns and it is very good” and such comments are conveyed from student’s mothers to another mother.

    Recruitment of partners is as well and the current owners speak to their friends.

    The final interview of the teacher, which is the key to management of the classroom, is done by our headquarters.

    We do not look at the resume of candidate in advance.

    Because we might have the preconceptions.

    Our recruitment standard is “whether the mind is beautiful”.

    COPEL is not established with only the teaching material.

    The know-how we have accumulated should be human resources and teaching material development.

Toward the world

  • Currently we have 72 schools in Japan.

    11 of them are directly operated.

    I have been thinking of wanting to expand to the world from the very beginning.

    Children grew up with COPEL have extremely excellent minds in addition to clear brains.

    I hope that they will become people who can lead the world someday and it will lead to peace in the world.

    In fact, COPEL’s children are also excellent after graduating from COPEL.

    Moreover, because many of students do not need “cram school to go on to higher education” and have excellent personality, they surely will be able to fulfill our wish.

    As our overseas development, I would like to expand to Singapore, China, Thailand and the United States at first.

    I hope that children who leaving the nest of COPEL count five million someday want them to grow into persons active in the world.

    I believe that this wish can be realized in 50 years from the establishment of COPEL.

  • Otsubo Nobuyuki

    Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1963.
    Representative director of COPEL Corporation.
    Fukuoka University Human relations theory part time lecturer.
    Chairman of TOKUIKUGAKUKAI General Association.
    An official certified counselor of JAPAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION.
    He is keenly engaged in various researches aspiring for mind education through the operation of an early childhood class COPEL.
    He has many performances of lecture activities to bring out parenting seminars and the potential of children in various parts of the country.

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