Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • Body Healthy Clinic Inc.

      Managing Director

      Hidekazu HAYASHI

  • Body Healthy Clinic Inc.

    We operate clinics and visit elderly and disabled person's homes for rehabilitation, functional exercise, acupuncture and moxibustion cares, and massage.
    In addition to the Okinawa main clinic, we established Tokyo office and Fukuoka office.
    Now we are developing our business with about 500 group friends (the total of groups and chains).
    Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry YEG Business Plan Contest, winning business!

FC development is attractive

  • I think it is attractive because the franchising itself of the clinic is new and novelty in the world. It is very hard to start a business from scratch because there are many difficulties, but if it is a franchising, the operational know-how will be packaged, so even if you are inexperienced, you can start a business. In recent years, the products and services which have been made in Japan are attracting attentions as they are new products and services abroad. Spreading Japanese culture and medical care all over the world leads to the return of welfare in Japan as well, and it also leads to Japan’s national strength due to increased employment and tax revenue, so it is a business which can share great benefits all over the world.

Contribution to the world by expanding overseas

  • I hope to contribute to all human beings by spreading acupuncture and moxaibustion massage certified by WHO (World Health Organization) for its effectiveness to all over the world, and I am advancing our business abroad next year. I thought it is difficult in countries where insurance treatment could not be received, but there are quite a number of wealthy individuals and Japanese living abroad, so I will extend it to that market as well. We are considering mechanisms witch can be accepted even by socially vulnerable people by offering services other than acupuncture and moxibustion massage. I think that the possibility will expand to infinity by jumping out the limited market of only Japan and expanding the market.

Sri Lanka and me

  • I had a chance to visit Sri Lanka where the treatment of Ayurveda is thriving.
    Because I am involved in both Western medicine and Oriental medicine, it was inevitable that I visited Sri Lanka and I felt that it would become a foothold for the future development of the business worldwide.
    We interwork with Ayurveda’s method of Sri Lanka to dramatically reform the business style and let it penetrates not only in Sri Lanka but also in Japan and the world.
    Outside Japan, I hope to expand up to 5000 clinics over the world in 10 years.


    * Note: Ayurveda is a traditional medicine in India and Sri Lanka.and a combination of Sanskrit word ”Ayus | life” and ”Veda (knowledge, learning, truth)” also called ”science of life”.


  • I have not examined it in detail yet, but I guess various problems will come up, such as not being able to use acupuncture in some countries. That I would like to settle one by one from now.
    Through my experience of studying abroad, I felt that there are many people who are favourable for Japan. Now Japan is a symbol of peace and wealth, but in the past, other countries including Sri Lanka had helped Japan battered and beaten after the war. As a kind of repayment, I always think that I would like to improve the quality of life for all human beings and contribute to society by making the overseas franchise a success. If foreign countries are relieved with this business, it will lead to employment increase, tax increase and consumption increase in our country. Moreover finally I am investing self-assets to operate orphanages which combine ”relief of orphans in developing countries” and ”countermeasures against aging of Japan’s birth-rate and declining birth-rate,” and will leave favourable social cycles in future generations.

  • Hidekazu HAYASHI

    Started visit treatment to solve social problems such as elderly care by elderly person, elderly living alone, collapse of medical care expenses.
    Opened the “Ryuku Clinic” in Okinawa prefecture and reached the top of the business in the prefecture in just one year and a half.
    Exceeded sales 10 times in five years.
    After that, expanded 100 clinics nationwide in 3 years under the name of “Karada Genki Chiryoin (Body Healthy Clinic “).
    As a care method of visiting treatment, it was featured first on nationwide TV news report and newspaper in Japan.
    Pursuing the sociality in terms of employment, we employ mainly single-mother of fatherless family having an environmental handicap such as a hardness of being employed, and people who hope to work while caring disabled person, elderly person, child and family member by themselves.
    The secret of entrepreneurial success is to continuously develop the business for the sake of the world and people. And one of my goals is to prove the fact that it leads to the self-growth in my own life.
    A book "Houshi no kokoro de chiisana kando wo (”A small emotion in the heart of volunteer work" broke through 10,000 copies in one year and a half from the release and ranked the best sales in the books published by economic persons in Okinawa.

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