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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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I have thought for long periods of time that I would like to further spread the excellent Japanese origin franchise packages and licenses all over the world and have prepared the concept since a several years ago. Finally I achieve the first step. I believe that the world's franchise business persons and stakeholders will meet and succeed wonderful business models through this media from now on. In the near future, our team would like to collect and share useful information for franchise stakeholders around the world. As a platform for franchise business, we commit to distribute high quality and helpful information for everyone as a media site which continues to evolve every day.

Al Connection Products Inc. Franchise Station Division Lika NAKANISHI


2-3-21 8F Kawarayamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City 542-0066, Japan
Company name Al Connection Products Inc.
Inception September 1, 1991
Incorporation February 26, 1996
Capital 10,000, 000 yen
Representative Director LIKA NAKANISHI
Financial institutions The Uemachi Branch and Aoyama Branch of UFJ Bank Limited and the Uemachi Branch of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Location 2-3-21 8F Kawarayamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City 542-0066, Japan
Contact Tel. 06-6766-2350

Business Lines

Franchise Solution Division

・Media management for overseas (Franchise Japan)
・Consulting for franchiser & franchisee
・Setup support & training for franchiser
・Overseas expansion support for franchiser

Franchise General Counseling Room for Success

Franchise Station

Corporate group

Human resource placement support for franchiser Global Partners Inc. https://gloptn.com/en

FC Memberships & Titles

Japan Franchise Association (JFA) http://www.jfa-fc.or.jp.e.ek.hp.transer.com/

Osaka Restaurant Management Association (ORA)


Other Memberships & Titles

Kansai wo Genki ni suru kai (Party of making Kansai energetic) http://www.kansai-genki.jp/

Woman & Regional Activity Propulsion Organization


The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Lika NAKANISHI Profile

1990 Opened a concept type Japanese cooking restaurant " Rusticity & Four Seasons Restaurant: Aji Fuku" as the first founding in Honmachi, Osaka. Engaged as female owner for one year and led to a famous restaurant. Developed menus including venison, horse-meat sashimi, mushrooms, wild plants, and rice noodles.
Sep. 1991 Launched Planning Office and Key West.
Nov. 1992 Started event production services and survey services.
Jun. 2011 Lika Nakanishi became a director of "Manpower Development Support Organization" and promoted "Franchise Consultant Manpower Development" as a part of qualification business of the organization. Launched a study session as "Franchise Station" with support by franchise consultant. Recruited study session members from professional occupation persons. Planed and promoted "Franchise Adviser Training Course" which was preparing step for becoming franchise consultant.
Jul. 2012 Established "Franchise Station Co., Ltd.". Lika Nakanish became a director of the company.
Jul. 2012 ~ Nov. 2014 Hosted totally 5 Franchise Adviser Training Courses.
Apr. 2015 Resumed franchise consultant activity as "franchise solution division" of Al Connection Products, Inc.
Aug. 2015 Set up "Franchise Solution Division" (transfered FC business from Franchise Station Co., LTD)
Oct. 2015 Established "Global Partners Inc." (job placement company) as a group corporation
Oct. 2015 Opened a franchise school for restaurant & food business
Feb. 2016 Hold a franchise business diagnosis seminar in Tokyo & Osaka
Nov. 2016 Opened a franchise school (franchise launching seminar and accession development )