Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

      Managing Director

      Yoshie SHIGEMITSU

  • Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

    In 1968, Ajisen Ramen started from a small ramen shop of 23 square meters with 8 seats.
    I hope people to try our ‘taste’ as many as possible. With this sole purpose, I has continued my shops until today. As the result, the development of franchise shops started in my home town Kumamoto has spread to Obihiro, Hokkaido in the north, to Okinawa in the south, and overseas as well. Also, as a franchise chain headquarters, we are considering as the customer satisfaction is first.
    For example, when opening shops outside Kumamoto Prefecture or outside Kyushu, it is also necessary to think about developing a menu that fits local customers in order to be pleased with them. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation system between our shops and the headquarters while always having the question of what to do in order to make our customers even more satisfied. We will continue to deliver our ramen containing ingredients which considers health, the taste which is not elsewhere, and the feeling of gratitude to the whole world, aiming for the presence of Only One who can be pleased with more people.

History of Ajisen ramen in Japan and overseas

  • “Medicine and food have the same origin – not only delicious but also aiming to make good food for the body & health”. The corporate spirit suggested by Koji Shigemitsu, a founder of Ajisen Ramen is succeeded to our current corporate philosophy of “contribute to society through foods.”
    Ajisen Ramen which can be said as the origin of Kyushu Kumamoto Tonkotsu Ramen was born In 1968.
    “I want to have this taste more and more families.”This strong wish has spread beyond just Kumamoto, to the whole country of Japan, and now has been loved and familiar with families all over the world.
    Currently we have 685 shops overseas and 84 shops in Japan.We take care of shops in Japan as well as shops overseas in the same way.While we meet with our partner in each country, we design the menu which matches each country.What we care very much about a FC contract is that “What kind of consciousness do our partners have with Ajisen, and do the partners love ramen?”. This is very important point.I am a model of the mascot character “Chi-chan” which is the symbol of Ajisen Ramen. This character was created by imaging my 3 years old figure. Now I am very happy to see that Chi-Chan are flying over new places both inside and outside of Japan.

Ramen to be created with partners

  • Relationship with the master franchiser is very important for us, for example, Tom Yam Ramen combining Ton Yam Soup and Tonkotsu soup in Thailand, Volcano ramen arranged in Singapore style with spicy miso etc. Thus we incorporate a lot of the essences of each country.
    We are pretty flexible for this point. For the training necessary for opening a shop, a partner may come to Japan or we may go overseas, but the common thing is that the development of a menu is based on local to conform to the local colour in order to be pleased with local customers. Opening a shop with an FC partner in Hong Kong in 1996 was our first step to overseas.Most recently we opened a shop in San Diego, USA and also will open in Rome in the year.Our franchise is not a package.Again, while keeping the basic taste, we are developing original menu and taste suitable for each country together with our partners who want to extend the Ajisen brand.
    In foreign countries, not only the main menu of ramen and Chinese cuisine, but also the side menu of yakitori, fried foods, Japanese food etc. are served. It is very fun and rewarding to deeply discover the country while learning the country’s food culture, tradition, and life that we cannot understand by ourselves for expanding new partners of Ajisen ramen noodle.

From Kumamoto to the world

  • In 2007, Ajisen Chinese Holdings was listed on Hong Kong shares.
    I would like to advance into Hispanic Central America and South America in the future.
    I originally love ramen & noodles and have the habit of exploring the taste at local shops when I visit other countries. The other day in Spain, I got soy sauce, pig bone, and chicken soup tasted ramens at a popular ramen shop where many local customers are in. And I re-realized that there are still many people who do not know the taste of real ramen in the world. Although entering the Five Continents is a big goal for us, as originated from the name of ”Ajisen (thousand tastes) Ramen ”, we aim for 1000 shops first and I hope as many people as possible to eat our ramen. I always think that I want lots of people who love ramen.
    This year, Kumamoto hit by a big earthquake, but we are moving forward little by little.
    Everyone is doing the best. I would like to be a part of my favourite homeland Kumamoto and will continue to offer delicious ramen everyday which may become a source of energy for everyone.


    Yoshie SHIGEMITSU (Vice President/Managing Director, Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd.)
    After graduating from a university, worked as a caster for a local radio station. Her full powered report with a bright voice and with energy was extremely popular locally. Handed down as a legendary caster even now. After that, learned about hotel & restaurant management at a university in New York. While stayed in USA, spent about 2 months for travelling from NY to LA and experienced an around trip in USA by car. In Manhattan, lived near TIMES SQ and worked at an office in Fifth Avenue. Received a sudden illness of father who was the founder of the company and returned to Japan in 1996. In the same year, joined Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd.Hoped to serve as PR of favourite Kumamoto, launched [AKJ 1000] A (tasty) K (Kumamoto) J (mature woman) / [Mature Thousand] unit and joined actively in the grass roots citizen's volunteer activities. At"Tokyo Wa Kyo Kai", supports the construction of a Japanese network in active overseas. It also plays the role of linking its own Chinese overseas network and the Japanese network.

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