Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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  • Franchisee Success Story

  • Franchisee Success Story

Popular Japanese food in Malaysia. Ramen is hot!

  • “Nippon Delicious” was founded in 2013 and continues to develop various Japanese food restaurants in Malaysia.

    The first memorable unit is “BARI-UMA” at JAYA shopping center. Japanese food is very popular in Malaysia. Recently Ramen shops have been increased and Ramen is known by most people. However, there are many people who know it but have not yet tried it. Namely it may be said that it is the food which is highly concerned with.

    Besides, “BARI-UMA” has already been successful in Singapore. The tendency of food in Singapore and Malaysia is similar, so we definitely wanted to bring it to Malaysia.

"BARI-UMA" strikes other brands with its outstanding style and taste

  • The rich soup of “BARI-UMA” and the high degree of completeness of roasted barbecued pork are not found in other ramen shops in Malaysia. With this distinctive style and deliciousness, we thought that we can compete with others. Since it is thought that many ramen shops will expand here in the future, it is necessary to have a strong impact like “BARI-UMA” soup and roasted barbecued pork for differentiating from others.

Purchasing fresh ingredients in Malaysia is also important

  • As well as taste, we think the operation is also superior. We already confirmed this point in Singapore, so I was not worried and there were actually no big problems.

    The most difficulty may be the purchase of fresh ingredients. Original soup and seasoning are imported from Japan but we need to locally purchase fresh food ingredients such as meats and vegetables. Looking for something comparable to Japanese ingredients was a little hard, but it cannot be compromised in order to provide delicious ramen.

Produce premium feeling of Japanese food with sophisticated interior

  • We request the interior design for the designer of With-Link and you find that the atmosphere is different from BARI-UMA shops in Japan.

    Ramen is a popular food in Japan but in Malaysia it may be a kind of high-class food. We asked the designer as we would like to finish it in a calm and sophisticated atmosphere so that customers can get a feeling of premium as well.

    This modern atmosphere is also received well with local customers.

Expect as a role model in Southeast Asia

  • In Southeast Asia, we think that the demand for Japanese food and ramen will increase more and more in the future. We feel especially, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam have great potential markets. The management and operation in Malaysia may also be a role model in Southeast Asia.

    We would like to look forward to the future development of “BARI-UMA” taste to be accepted by people in Southeast Asia.