Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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  • Franchisee Success Story

  • Franchisee Success Story

    • Franchisee: Shanghai Puppet Butterfly Drinking Management Co., Ltd.

      Franchiser: TENTAKAKU Co., Ltd.


  • I am a Hong Konger and opened RAMEN IROHA Hong Kong restaurant in March 2013. I knew Mr. Kurihara through an introduction by my acquaintance working at a trading company. As soon as I met him, I completely understood his idea and about RAMEN IROHA. Then I immediately decided to be a franchisee.


    RAMEN IROHA still had a short history in the franchise business, in fact my ramen shop was the first franchise outlet oversea. At that time the contract and the manual were simple, but thankfully Mr. Kurihara and his employee were very kind and took care more. I am grateful that a trustworthy relationship could be built each other as the result.

Most impressive thing

  • The most impressive thing for me is the 2012 Ramen Show in Tokyo that I participated as part of the training in Japan. I was impressed with IROHA’s strong popularity and super operation. All the staffs worked up to the limits and 14,645 ramen were sold in 5 days! It became my forgettable experience that we got the top prize with the new record of 4 consecutive years’ winners since its first competition.

Aiming for 100 shops in China

  • With confidence in the success of my Hong Kong restaurant, I opened the first Shanghai restaurant in 2014 in collaboration with my friend. At the same time, Mr. Kurihara gave the right of master franchise for me. Since then, I developed 9 shops including the sub-franchise shops in total by 2016. In 2017, I have already decided to open 3 shops and expect to involve in the operation of 15 units in China.


    From now on, I will enrich the management functions of central kitchen etc. and would like to aim for 100 shops in my country by 2022.


    Lam Cyrus