Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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  • Franchisee Success Story

  • Franchisee Success Story

    • Franchisee: NAKATANI FOOD SYSTEM

      Franchiser: POMME FOOD

All experiences lead to the way of franchising management specialist

  • I used to work at a company related to agricultural products and be in charge of purchasing know how.

    It was about thirty years ago from now that I became one of the founding members of POMMENOKI along with a partner who worked as cook

    I experienced the launch and operation of franchise headquarters and still have a role like a supervisor now. Since then I manage the units as franchise member.

    Currently 60% of POMNOKI restaurants consists of franchisees and for many years the omelet rice has been the main menu for the spirit of mutual prosperity
    The royalty is 3%. Offering from a major company triggered the franchise system.

Strengths and challenge of POMUNOKI

  • The amazing point of POMUNOKI is to refresh various systems every two years according to the latest trend.
    The management is done by ABC analysis, quantitative analysis of purchase and sales data such as loss rate, etc.
    The greatest strength of POMUNOKI is to make it possible to cook omelet rice of 4 portions in 6 minutes in training. This is the time to fry the rice, finish the egg and roll it up. Why six minutes? For example, can you wait 10 minutes until having food at lunchtime, especially for customers in Kansai?
    The amount of ingredients is also calculated and all uniforms are purchased from the headquarters. There is a mechanism that profits are raised by following such rules.
    In addition, recently we are examining all franchise members. I believe this is indispensable for winning in the future. In order to cope with the change of the population, we compete by quality rather than the number of selling. I guess it is the same thought for other food & beverage services and believe the possibility to survive and I think this is our advantage.

Our Issues

  • You can eat omelet rice of POMUNOKI anywhere in Japan. The topic of having fruit juice with a big mug of beer at the time of its establishment may be missing now.
    However, we have repeatedly studied various omelet rice like Japanese food taste and so on. Also rice is charged by rice robot so that it becomes uniform.
    We constantly try the originality and ingenuity because we can not increase the unit price in alcohol at an omelet rice restaurant.

Future Prospects

  • 80% of our customers are women. Families are also our target.
    80% are repeat customers. We are also considering barrier-free and baby strollers.
    In order to respond to changes in the times, it is important to become a company who will benefit while improving welfare benefits and work environment as well.