Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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  • Company Profile

    Currently we offer three packages: "Tonkotsu Soy Soup Ramen", "Chicken
    White Soup Ramen", "Fish and Sea Flavor Tukemen(dipping nudle)".
    By having three styles with different flavors, it is possible to open
    shop that takes regional characteristics in to account.
    We are aggressively developing overseas franchise. Based on know-how of
    sophisticated franchise business in Japan, we will support your
    franchise business.
    Regarding overseas deployment, we are developing 10 shops of the strongest tonkotu
    soup ramen "BARI-UMA" at present. Our shop in Singapore has been rewarded for its excellent service and flavor by being named in the Singapore Top 25 and receiving a Food Excellence Award.
    In this April, we will open the first Tukemen (dipping nudle) style shop "FUUNMARU" in Hong Kong.
  • Franchise Information

    Year of Establishment May 1992
    Country of Origin Japan
    Business Type Food & Beverage
    No. of Directly Operated Units in Japan & Overseas 15 (in Japan), 2 (overseas)
    No. of Franchise Units in Japan 50
    No. of Franchise Units Overseas 8
    Franchise Type Franchise contract
    Target country(s)/region(s) Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, USA, EU countries
    Preferable City Name(s) -
    Franchise Fee Contract money 2 million yen(approx. USD18200) * Contract fee is only for the first unit, no need after the second unit.
    Royalty Fee 5%
    Marketing Fund -
    Franchise Term 5 years
    Size of Unit (sqm) 100 sqm (1076 sqf)
    Estimated Setup Cost (Investment) 40 million yen (approx. USD364000)
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