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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Nov. 02, 2017

JETRO Kansai Service Industry Overseas Expansion Support Platform October 30, 2017

I participated in this seminar. The content of this seminar is as follows.

Food trend 1 Organic (Organic cultivation)
Food trend 2 Health conscious
Food trend 3 Gluten free

Key trend
1. Harsh business environment
- So-called copy shops and merchandise items come out soon.
- In the case of Japanese companies, the decision is delayed, and the share is expanded to overseas companies during that time. In this case, it is too late even if a company insists on being original, and it will be the second place. Even if you bring it to a trial, the company will not win.

2. Issues to secure human resources
- Every country has with this trouble.
- Normally, in the case of F&B, there are few regular employment contracts, but in countries where there are customs such as chips in the United States, there are shop staff with annual income exceeding 10 million yen (approx. USD100, 000).

3. High expectation for restaurant service
- Menu development other than hospitality services is also important (for example, a regular customer who visits one or two times a month can enjoy a new menu). It is necessary to have feelings of "only now" and "only here ".

4. Demand for technology
- Online reservation, SNS, etc.

5. Tendency for food and menu trends to be conceptualized
The above food trend etc.

- What value would you provide for targets such as country, region, and race?
- Commercial environment including race composition (flexibility)
- Center of various information dissemination (pointed)
- Diversity (customers of entertainment, finance, tourism etc.)
- Vibrant atmosphere & delicate taste
- Take out from full service
- Students, families and businessmen
- Different, constantly new movements at each store
- Medializing of store
- Showcase of Japanese culture

- Halal issues and taste problems (salty products in Greater China and Southeast Asia are no good (especially in China, it is sometimes avoided due to recent health consciousness in Europe, the United States and others).
- Risk management for laws and institutions
- Withdrawal criteria

- Organize a team of experts including lawyers, tax accountants, real estate agents (possibly licensed architects)
- Quick decision-making by video conference etc.
- Recognition of inches and millimeters (5 m is very different from 5 inch.)
- Japanese equipment may be unusable in some cases
- Project managers that manage everything are mandatory (especially if the construction relation of the store is delayed, more expenses will be required)

By Shinya Nishi