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Jul. 31, 2017

Potential needs of the F&B industry that can be read from the world ranking of travelers staying

Let see the number of guests staying in the main cities of the world in 2016.

Bangkok 21.47 million
London 19.88 million
Paris 18.03 million
Dubai 15.27 million
New York 12.75 million
Tokyo 11.7 million
* Survey of Master Card

What it can be read from the above figures is that not only local people, but also tourists' meals account for a considerable proportion of consumption, in terms of eating and drinking.
As considering the place with the needs of food as the target of the F&B industry, Bangkok where the annual number of guests exceeds 10 million in Tokyo can never be ignored. Also in London, Paris, Dubai, absolute food and drink needs can be expected. From these numbers, it may be suggested that Japanese F&B brands should have great opportunities by challenging in the world.


FCJ staff