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Jul. 04, 2017

Lecture and briefing on power rehabilitation in Zibo City



Representative Polaris Mori talked about power rehabilitation in Zibo City for hospitals and nursing care facilities officials.
Power rehabilitation is a new method of rehabilitation restoring the physical and psychological activity that has been lowered due to aging and organic obstacles and aiming at improving independence and returning to a high quality of life (QOL).
First of all, a number of cases were delivered such as present state about aging in Japan and the way of "self-support nursing care", furthermore its necessity and reason, present attention and acceleration in the future.
Some examples were introduced such as a man who was unable to walk was refusing to be assisted by nursing care, but after the cooperation of others around, he was able to attend his daughter's wedding ceremony and be able to walk with the virgin road together, the function of bedridden patient improved gradually and recovered until it was able to play round with a friend at the golf course.
In both cases, it became a new discovery for audiences at the venue that a nursing care supporter sometimes need to work like a sailor to fulfill the role of a producer to have a goal with regard to function improvement, and gradually move the motivation of the care recipient to improvement.
The three important elements of the simple method are very easy to understand, at the first it is meaningful to have sufficient hydration, at the second to walk, at the third to have an own goal. After the lecture and briefing, the audiences visited two hospital rehabilitation facilities and then active opinions were exchanged.


By Lika Nakanishi