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Mar. 13, 2017

Information Exchange Meeting Part 4 “Food Service Industry Cheers Japan” was held in Taiseikaku on March 8, 2017



Not only the members of Osaka Restaurant Management Association but also other organizations such as JETRO, NIPPON IZAKAYA ASSOCIATION, TAIYO NO KAI and the members thereof got together.
It started from the opening speech by the chairman of Osaka Restaurant Management Association (President Masahiro Fujio of “Fujio Food System Co., Ltd.”) and then followed by a lecture by Mr. Eiji Negishi, representative director of NEGISHI FOOD SERVICE. I found many people taking notes with eager attention during his lecture " PDCA (plan-do-check-act cycle) for sharing philosophy and human resources aim at 100 years company”.
He conosiders customers' questionnaires more important than anything and have built a corporate culture in which the staff working together can voluntarily act for the delight and satisfy of customers. He concluded his lecture with an impressive message "After 2020, customers are decreasing and people engaging in the service decrease as well. Management people must think about what to do in the coming 3 years to survive".

After that, Mr. Tadashi Okura, Representative Director of TORIKIZOKU, told an impression of the lecture including his acknowledgment.



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