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Mar. 03, 2017

【editor’s voice】
Franchise is an education industry

What will you imagine when you hear franchise (FC)? Is it a convenience store or restaurant chain? Actually I do not know how it seems, but the industries range widely. In the service industry, cleaning, barber · beauty, leisure · hotel, car maintenance, lease · rental, learning cram school, home sales, remodeling, nursing care · welfare, massage etc. Although it was a mere consumer until five years ago, creating a headquarter of Franchise and OEM of Franchise got attention when I was as an advisor of a consultant who wanted to join the franchise .Origin of Franchise was the beginning of Franchise that set up a retail shop with sales rights in the US in 1950's American sewing machine company "Singer Company" throughout the country. The headquarters transfers the successful package, and the franchisee pay the compensation and convert the brand and know-how into business. It is a simple way of thinking, and the system of convenience stores which has to be taken care of everyday is considered the most complicated.
It consists largely of three systems. Supply system / information system linked with ICT, opening support system. The support system is the education curriculum. Actually this is why Franchise is said to be "education industry". Because beauty and food and drink industry are always lacking of labors, "goodwill Chise" is being reviewed nowadays. Meanwhile, I would like to preach the confusion about the agency system and Franchise. Moreover, Franchise is thought as a system to raise a fund which is not worthy of trusting by some companies 2 Year 3 store's law. In other words, after more than two years.it will get on the soil only after experience the direct management more than 3 stores. It cannot said it is a successful package, and artistic skills that cannot be dropped in manuals are also out of the question. Recently, accession development (a series of tasks to recruit affiliated stores and increase the number of members) is the most difficult.
When searching on the net for convenience, the member reviewers suffer by looking at the number of materials like the mountains arrived by bulk data request. Everyone is not taught the judgment criteria for selection of headquarters and amazed at the hot business offer from the headquarters. Naturally many things will differ from the sales forecast presented beforehand after accession, it will be about the rights and obligations. There are Franchise headquarters that do not present such sales forecasts in trial power country United States. It is wrong If a franchisee is not able to tell that it must be a true manager, it is necessary to tell that it is not a safe and secure business for members who are not conscious of management.


Recently, many brands succeed in exporting Japanese Franchise abroad. Not only in eating and drinking systems, but also on cleaning and nursing care stocks. The care system steps forward in Asia where the average age is young, and the Japanese know-how that faces to population aging in Japan is great.
There is also a pitfall in the maintained information system, a scholar warned. In the workplace, people's wisdom is lacking in the part judged only by statistics, and it will mislead the selling plot. Training of supervisors (SVs) is a big issue for every Franchise headquarters. Veteran member shopkeepers are more knowledgeable and experienced than young SVs. Although future innovative new business format also needs to twist around the world, we expect to win the world by Franchise deployment.



By Lika Nakanishi