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Feb. 23, 2017

Overseas development symposium “Kansai Service Industry Overseas Expansion Support Platform Business”

The symposium started with greetings for the guests by JETRO Osaka Headquarters, Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Chairman of Osaka Restaurant Management Association (President Masahiro Fujio of “Fujio Food System Co., Ltd.”).  Mr. Tadao Kikuchi, chairman and executive director & CEO of “Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.” told the future management strategy and overseas development, which was full of very logical and interesting suggestions. It is an attractive point of the view that contract business and in-flight meal business have more room for growth. They also try to correspond to Halal issues.
As an example, from the visuals of the advertisement movies for reaching overseas, it is clear that they have tactics which have been derived from the strategy analyzed by means of the numerical values.

In addition, there was a very useful panel discussion "Overseas development of service industry and utilization of human resources". It was a discussion about the front line of the field, that is, the fact of outbound leaders. The key word is how to find local persons with understanding and good partners.

The panelists of this time are the following persons. I have a desire to interview each of them in the near future to know the process of clearing up tasks one by one and their exciting story.

【Sightseeing】Mr. Kensaku Yamamoto, Director Overseas Business, Super Hotel Co., Ltd. 
【Dining out】Mr. Ryuji Shimanaka, Representative Director of “Shimanaka Co., Ltd.”
【Dining out】Mr. Kazuya Ohkushi, Representative Director of “Yum Yum Creates Co., Ltd.”
【Beauty】 Mr. Tetsuya Nishimura, Chairman of board of directors of “Less Is More Ltd.” 
【Education】Mr. Hideo Sakamoto, Representative Director of “Sakamoto Seminar Co., Ltd.”

By Lika Nakanishi