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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Apr. 19, 2022


Licue-Sneakers, Sneaker Cleaning Specialty Shop

I came up with the idea for this service because of the needs of customers visiting my laundromat.
As more and more customers asked for their sneakers to be cleaned, I had a gut feeling that this would be an interesting service.
With the COVID, lifestyles have changed and more people now wear sneakers than leather shoes and heels.
The range of users is extensive, from children to the elderly. Some families even clean their baby's first sneaker and keep them as a precious treasure.
Recently, both fashion and sports manufacturers are focusing on the development of sneakers as one of their main categories.
It is also difficult for consumers to clean stains from leather and suede shoes. In addition, the dirt between the laces is also removed cleanly, so it is a very happy moment when a customer leaves with a smile, saying that “the shoes look like new”.

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