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Oct. 20, 2021


Collaboration accelerated by the Corona disaster

Chicken Tartar Chicken Burger with a very tasty sweet tartar sauce from Torisho (https://franchisejapan.biz/brandstories/torisho/) (winner of the 8th Karaage Grand Prix "Chicken Namban Category Highest Gold Award") is the main product of its take-out specialty store, but it is also available at the “Lawson” convenience store. 
Also, other collaborations with convenience stores are booming right now.

Collaborative marketing between the food and beverage industry, which has been hit by the Corona recession, and convenience stores is becoming a trend. Now you can see a lot of collaborative products at convenience stores in Japan.

 “Lawson”, the third largest convenience store in Japan, has been expanding its collaboration with food service companies and had jointly developed products with 60 new food companies since October last year. The partners range from popular ramen restaurants to major restaurant chains such as Kushikatsu Tanaka and Yoshinoya, as well as smaller chains.

LEMONADE by LEMONICA is a lemonade specialty store offering "natural lemonade that makes you want to drink it every day", which is made one by one by hand. In August 2020, Morinaga Milk Industry launched the same brand for a limited timeframe. In pursuit of a unique taste not offered in the stores, the refreshing taste of lemonade with pink grapefruit juice and the reasonable price were accepted by consumers and became a hit product. The name recognition of the actual store increases the value of the product as a convenience store collaboration.

Not only convenience stores, but also collaborations between restaurants are appearing.
KORA CO.,LTD. (https://franchisejapan.biz/future/2135/), which operates 242 "Akakara" restaurants in Japan (as of the end of April 2021), has decided to launch a new brand of curry at "Akakara" restaurants only during lunchtime. Because “Akakara” mainly opening at night has been greatly affected by the Corona disaster. The company is developing a packaged model called "Kanazawa Curry Laboratory" in which PB local curry products supervised by "GO GO CURRY" (https://franchisejapan.biz/story/3563/) are served at "Akakara" stores only during lunch hours (eat-in and take-out).