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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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May. 01, 2021


High Quality Bread

I had thought that high quality bread was a Japanese culture, but I found out from my partner that it already exists in Hong Kong as well.
One brand seems to have received offers from Taiwan, thus the expansion of high-quality bread overseas cannot be overlooked.

Patissier Pain, the next brand from the founder of the Lemonade by Lemonica brand that ignited the lemonade boom, is also interesting.
The contents seem to be able to compete in second- and third-class locations, and I would love to stop by on my next business trip to Tokyo.

As far as I remember, Ippondo is the oldest brand specializing in bread, followed by Nogami, Ginza Shikawa, and other popular brands one after another.

The original Danish bread, Kyoto Gion Boronia, also existed before the current bread boom. I recently learned about Milk Bread Shop Miruku, which specializes in milk bread. Aside from the delicious bread, the special thick soft-serve ice cream sold at the store was extremely delicious. In my next newsletter, I would like to write about the various soft-serve ice creams that are being talked about these days.