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Mar. 12, 2021


Changing Business Models

< Kitchen car takeout >
With the rise of delivery/take-out, the business model for licensing is changing.

The popularity of the kitchen car takeout business is increasing.
Modification of a dedicated kitchen car is a waiting list of several months for a reservation.
Nowadays, there is a system to find a place where you can stop and sale, and the franchisor may even arrange a location for selling.

< Singapore sole food bakkutteh >
Tokyo bakkutteh has launched a kitchen car franchise.
It's been getting a lot of coverage in the media.

< The business of renting out space is thriving >
Banana juice is a common item, but it can be cross-operated with existing food menus.
For same example, bakery shop is incorporating it as a complementary order or rent out a space to sell it independently. 
It can be said to be an evolved version of the ghost licensed juice system.

< Fruit Daifuku is growing rapidly >
Fruit Daifuku is also growing rapidly as a business with a high unit price per square meter, and people are lining up in front of the stores.
The display of one product in each showcase that is breaking the conventional custom of Japanese sweets.
The price per customer is quite high, and the number of stores continues to increase.
It is a profitable model that “sold-out” style, and the key is to make and sell fresh products.