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Dec. 13, 2020


Okonomiyaki: CHIBO (Osaka) is forging ahead in the face of corona disaster

Continuing the spirit of the founder and chairman, Mr. Nakai, the current president of CHIBO, Mr. Nakai helps rehabilitate former prisoners by establishing a system that allows them to reintegrate into society through long-term employment so that they can work and pay taxes with joy.
CHIBO continues to make these contributions to society. 
This time, the company decided to hire all of its part-time employees as full-time employees so that they can continue to work in this hardship by coronavirus. 

On the other hand, there are many famous restaurants that are hard to get a reservation, but have no successor in Japan. One such example is a famous oden shop "Takokichi" which has been in business for 46 years. 
Last year, the owner of the Oden shop recognized Mr. Nakai on his first visit to Takokichi.  The owner told Mr. Nakai at his next visit to the shop, the owner said “I found my successor that is you”. Many people were surprised and impressed by this story, which was covered by many of the west Japan media.

Also, the company has launched a “Classic” style restaurant in Toranomon, Tokyo, which is one of the most exclusive restaurant styles alongside the Basic, Elegance and President.
The company is also planning to open a restaurant in Brazil that is the other side of the globe.
President Nakai and his staff, who have built a circle of trust, continue to accelerate their efforts to protect “Osaka food culture” with the spirit of "a hard time is an opportunity, a chance makes a change, and a change gives challenge".
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