Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Sep. 23, 2020


TONKOTSU KAZAN RAMEN, a popular ramen brand in Asia

The company's vision is to spread "Japanese-style hospitality" through Japanese food. Its "Ishiyaki Ramen" is a new style of ramen brand that combines deliciousness and entertainment with a hot soup cooked over noodles. In addition, a conical lid is placed over the pot to make it look like a volcanic eruption. In the finish, tonkotsu soup (pork taste) is poured in front of the customer. It is a famous entertainment ramen in Asia with a style never seen before. There are currently three flexible corona countermeasures in the shop. 1. In-store seating: 1-meter spacing for social distance from April 2. Introduced its own ordering and delivery website: <http://tonkotsukazan.getz.co>tonkotsukazan.getz.co Responding to enthusiastic orders from self-restraint fans 3. Sales of Japanese foodstuffs (homemade chashu and rice): You can enjoy Japanese foodstuffs at home! The above services are currently being rolled out in Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. Now it is a best chance for you to turn a pinch into an opportunity to start a new business.