Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Dec. 29, 2019


AKAKARA, which is a spicy Miso-based hot pot, advances to Thailand and Indonesia

Kora ( Japanese food-service chain) will expand overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia, since 2020. The company establishes its flagship Akakara franchise restaurants in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Considering economic growth and population size, the company plans to open “Akakara” restaurants in Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

After launching the first restaurant in each country, including Taiwan, and getting it on track, the partner company that operates the first restaurant will play a central role in expanding franchise member restaurants.

The company plans to expand its business overseas before the Tokyo Olympics, so that visitors can enjoy "Akakara-nabe" in Japan and even after returning from Japan.

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