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Nov. 30, 2018


AJISEN Ramen held 50 years anniversary event in Shanghai for aiming 1,000 shops

Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Kumamoto Prefecture) developing "AJISEN Ramen” in 13 countries including China held an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in Shanghai on the 27.
In China, the company has developed about 650 shops and 50 million customers eat annually.

Started from a small ramen shop with 8 seats only in Kumamoto. In the 1990s, they developed the business in China based in Hong Kong. The history of the company up to now was introduced along with the video images.

President Shigemitsu said, "With the wishes of opening 1000 shops all over the world, the former president gave the brand name 'Ajisen: Tasting a thousand'. We would like to make efforts to continue for 100 years." It was also announced to open shops in New Zealand, Panama, and Finland in 2019.