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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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Oct. 31, 2017


CHIBO expands okonomiyaki overseas outlets – Awareness rises due to an increase in visitors to Japan

CHIBO HD will open its first fast-food shop "Chibo's Kitchen" at the end of October at a food court in Vancouver, Canada. Compared with ordinary outlets, the size of okonomiyaki is smaller and fewer menus.
With this, the stop staff is few in number, so it is characterized by being able to open shops flexibly.
CHOBO has already opened regular outlets in Thailand and Vietnam but after that they will open the second local outlet in the Philippines within 2017 and will also enter Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2018.

Senior Managing Director
Kanji Nakamura, senior managing director of CHIBO, said, "There are few competitors for middle upper classes, which makes it easier to raise brand value."