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Oct. 05, 2017


Quick recovery of McDonald

The performance of McDonald's has recovered sharply.
About three years have passed since the problem of expiration, chicken, foreign matter contamination occurred, but is it true that McDonald' was revived?

Japan McDonald's Holdings' settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ended December 2016 resulted in a surplus of sales of 226.6 billion yen, up 20% from the previous term, and ordinary income of 6.6 billion yen from a deficit of 25.8 billion yen.

When conducting various promotional activities such as the East-West nickname confrontation campaign, the company set up a relatively high unit price and tried to improve the unit price per customer.

The fact that the number of customers did not decrease even with the higher selling prices is that the negative image for McDonald is considerably diminishing and it can be regarded as evidence that the popularity has recovered.

By the way, the number of McDonald’s outlets is about 2,900, which is less than 1000 shops when compared with the peak.

It seems that “targeted marketing without impossible opening of outlets” is a secret to restore business performance.

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