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Oct. 04, 2017


SUSHIRO and GENKI SUSHI started consultations for business integration

AKINDO SUSHIRO, the biggest chain of sushi train, and GENKIU SUSHI, the fifth in the industry, announced on September 29 that they will begin consultations for business integration.
It is SHINMEI of the biggest rice wholesaler who leads this management integration.
If SUSHIRO with annual sales of 147.7 billion yen and GENKI SUSH of 34.9 billion yen merge are integrated, the sales will exceed 180 billion yen, and the two companies aim to accelerate the growth strategy to the scale.

The batting of the opening area is small and the characteristics of the outlet do not overlap between SUSHIRO, which drives the industry at about 460 outlets mainly in Kansai area, and GENNKI SUSHI which develops "sushi that does not rotate" by installing high-speed lanes at about 150 outlets around Kanto area, opened stores,

Regarding overseas development, they can share the expert knowhow of GENKI SUSHI who operates about 160 outlets in 11 countries including USA and Singapore, and they can expect a synergistic effect.

Reference: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20170930-00191109-toyo-bus_all