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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Sep. 28, 2017


SANPOU enters the US for the first time in the coming autumn by opening a new shop in New York

“SANPOUTEI” operating ramen brand, etc. will open "SANPOUTEI" of ramen and Japanese food Restaurant in New York in this autumn.
The company will have eight outlets in Singapore and Canada. This is the first time to open an outlet in the United States.
The company anticipates further overseas expansion in the future and aim to establish the SAMPOU brand in New York.

The outlet will be located in the Manhattan area, in the center of New York, where there are many bars and restaurants. Although there are a number of Japanese ramen shops in the surroundings, many of them are selling pork bone based tonkotsu soup ramen. SANPOU is trying to differentiate it in dried small sardines and soy sauce ramen which is popular in Canada.