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Jul. 07, 2017


Take-out specialty shop “Daily Dish” in Takasaki is well performing with 5 square meter prefabricated franchise expansion

A take-out specialty shop "Daily Dish” is doing well.
Two months have passed since the opening on May 1st. Karaage shop was a trendy take-out item at the time when nine shops of karaage specialty shop "Torimaru" was operated in Gumma and· Saitama in 2007 to 2015. From around 2015 when popularity began to decline, they searched for another product material. "Aged meat of Hachimantai pork made in Iwate Prefecture" remained in the eye.

At that time it was 'Aged Meat of Hachimantai Pork made in Iwate Prefecture' that caught their attention.

A prefabricated shop of 5 square meter has been adopted with a view to franchise deployment. The cost of opening a shop could be reduced to about JPY1.5 million including water flyer.

With a help of open effect, the sales were JPY1.4 million in May and 1.2 million in June. After entering the third month they told "It will be possible to expand franchise if it stabilizes with sales of around 40,000 yen a day".