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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Apr. 27, 2017


Don Don UP of secondhand clothes, FC expansion with new business type of net sales

Don Don Up, which operates secondhand clothing stores both in Japan and overseas, their products will be sold jointly with online shopping.
It will develop franchise chain (FC) as their new business type.

With headquarters keeping assortment of products in stock. Experience and knowledge of clothing assessment is unnecessary.
You can operate a shop even in a small place because you do not have to stock.
They aim to open 10 to 15 shops in the next year.

The new business type is "Choco Choco Down On Wednesday."
Headquarters delivers clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. targeted to women in their thirties and collects unsold items.

The goods will be replaced in about three months.
We do not buy from stores, and never have unnecessary inventory.

Goods are also sold online.