Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

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Apr. 24, 2017


L'OPERAIO AND COMPANY LIMITED selling luxury imported cars develops franchise business

L'OPERAIO announced that it will enter the franchise business under the " L'OPECITY " brand. The franchise business based on the automobile sales business is the first in the industry.


While L'OPERAIO handles imported used cars with an average price of 9.5 million yen, L'OPECITY sets around 3.5 million yen in the volume zone, targeting middle users and people who are purchasing imported cars for the first time.


L'OPECITY franchise div., sales vehicles of L'OPERAIO as well and all vehicles are introduced on internet 4K movies with commentaries of experts. In addition to providing repair and warranty service that have been originally developed against failure occurrence after purchase, its call center supports 24 hours 365 days.


In order to encourage participation of franchising from different types of businesses, they eliminate various risks and anxieties to enter imported secondhand car sales business, such as keeping the initial cost to about 25 million yen.


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