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Apr. 04, 2017


Kanmonkai expands franchise of the main brand “tora fugu (globefish)” in China

Kanmonkai, which develops the main brand "Tora Fugu(globefish)" in China, signed a China master franchise (area headquarters) contract on March 29 with Shanghai "SongHe"

Following the fact that globefish food was lifted the ban on last year in China, Kanmonkai has begun studying development of FC stores in “Tora Fugu (globefish)" in China.

This time, after discussing about the development of franchise in China with Mr. Wu Wen Wei, chairman of Dewei international group as a shareholder, Kanmokai concluded a master franchise (area headquarters) contract with Shanghai SongHe, an affiliate of DeWei international group, to develop “Tora Fugu" in China and agreed to carry out FC deployment in China in the future.

Until recently, because globefish was forbidden in China, It is popular to having globefish in Japan for visitors from China, and so far, many Chinese people visited at each store of “Tora Fugu".