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Mar. 23, 2017


Establishment of franchise headquarters “Airplane Pilot specialized cram school” to find out young pilot applicants

Seattle Flight Academy (SFA), which is operated as a pilot training center of Japan Airman-ship Bring-Up Organization (head office: Tokyo, Representative Director: Hideo Tomimura) set up the following three points as it's strategy for the year of 2017 to manage training courses and advice at the initial stage for junior high & high school students throughout Japan.

* Pilot Training Course for Private Aviation School & Civil Aviation College with department and specialized guidance to enter the aviation schools

* Planning to open "PILOT specialized cram school" in Chiba city around May 2017.

* Recruit franchise members of the pilot cram school nationwide to find applicants who wish to be pilots as well as to train "pilot training advisers" who can provide accurate guidance.


Reference: http://pilotjyuku.jp/