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Mar. 21, 2017


“ProgLab” robot programming classroom starts as new franchise system

"ProgLab education business operation committee" consisting of the three companies of Hanshin Electric Railway, Yomiuri Telecasting and EDIC, which operate “ProgLab” robot programing classroom for children, will introduce a franchise unit in addition to the current directly operated schools. The first franchise school will be opened in Ibaraki city, Osaka.

The newly opening Ibaraki school is operated by OTM. The company will contribute proactively to the development of Ibaraki city's educational development by engaging in the programming education that will be compulsory from the year of 2020.
Eight directly operated “ProgLab” schools will be opened in this April and the total operating number of units will be 13 schools including the Ibaraki school.

The name of "ProgLab" has been created by combining three words, “Programming”, “Progress” which means going towards the goal, and "Laboratory".


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