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Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
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Mar. 07, 2017


Mammaciao – coin laundry franchise major – proposing new lifestyle by evolutionary coin laundry


Mammaciao  newly established a service to handle all of the owner's business from 2016, and it is analyzing that investment-type franchise will increase more in Japan in the future. Now they develop 300 franchise units nationwide (as of February 2017)

In 2000, it was founded as an American coin laundry apparatus maker, a Japanese sole agent of Dexter Corporation.

It equipped with a washing machine of the large-scale size of 9-27 kg. Increasing users as the large size coin laundry that batch  washing is possible along with increasing in double-income family and housewife is main customer (70% usability).

In addition, they have built a system that can be remotely controlled by call center, undertake troubleshooting etc., and alleviate many of owner's work.

For the owner, salaried workers' side jobs are on the rise.

■ Feature 1:  The environment-conscious "eco-laundry" which is kind to both skin and environment

■ Feature 2: Remote support service for 24 hours

■ Feature 3: Cashless with e-money