Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world

    Start of our business was triggered by a home run hit by Hideki Matsui of New York Yankees

■ Start of our business was triggered by a home run hit by Hideki Matsui of New York Yankees

Prior to starting the current business, I worked for a travel agency and was in charge of sales and assistant. However, the agency was absorbed into another company due to the recession. It was the same period that Hideki Matsui, who moved to New York Yankees, hit a grand slam in the opening game on April 8, 2003.

I was watching the game on TV and was deeply moved by my heart. Mr. Matsui was born in the same town as me and belongs to the same generation. For me who lost sight of future goals, this smash hit looked like a rising star. At that time, I swore as “I will never lose, I will become a major as well and go to New York!” and retired from the company in the same year.

I have thought of what I can do in New York. The final choice was “Kanazawa curry”, which is popular in my beloved birthplace. Then I started practicing about curry in my hometown. In 2004, Yankees won American League East Title and I opened the first shop on May 5 of the same year.

■ Stick to May 5

We pronounce the number “five” as “GO” in Japanese. I could open the first shop in Shinjuku on May 5, 2004, but I was told by my shop constructor that “the work can not be completed as scheduled”. As you may be aware, the opening on May 5 (GO GO) was absolute for us. So after all we constructed and completed the shop by ourselves.
On May 5 of the year 2007, after three years since we started the business, I was able to fulfill my wish to expand in New York. However at that time there was also an accident. I was impatient because the size of the pot and the size of the frontage of the stop did not fit, but we somehow managed to open the shop on May 5 (Go Go day).
I stick to 55. Because once I decided like this, I definitely stick to it.

■ Kanazawa curry to the world

Four sizes of healthy class, economy class, business class, first class should be the most characteristic of GO GO CURRY.

Other characteristics of Kanazawa curry are;
· Curry roux is thick and richness.
· Shredded cabbage is added as garnish.
· Serve on a plate of stainless steel.
· Eat with a fork or spork.
– Place a cutlet on top of the roux and put the sauce on it.
Like this, how to look and eat is different from other Japanese curry rice.

The secret behind the popularity of GO GO CURRY is a specially made original roux that is cooked thoroughly over 5 hours in 55 steps. The roux is matured for 55 hours to get the delicious taste and then we deliver it to each shop from the central kitchen.

Currently we have 70 shops in Japan and 8 shops overseas. We often have inquiries from overseas on our homepage. Although we do not advertise our brand particular, we have received inquiries from those who have eaten or saw our shop. In Brazil, a franchisee partnership has been established.

In the future, I would like to consider Europe including UK, Oceania and USA as well.
Should our goal be 555 shops in the world as well? We are continuing to be particular about our insistence and I would like to have more customers know about GO GO CURRY.

■ Aiming for the world's best curry group company

We value the following three factors.

Q (quality) High quality menu
S (Service) Spirit of service with customer oriented principle
For us, the service equals the speed, that is.
C (Cleanliness) Clean and beautiful shop and space
But these are not the same in every part of the world. We believe it is important to make the best use of the characteristic of each country and region.
On the other hand, we do not develop a completely different menu because we would like to offer a long-lasting beloved menu.
In the future, not only the development of shops, we are also considering the retail, curry for business use, retort curry. Actually we are preparing them now.
Finally, we are constantly looking for partners who can share the same mission and vision and can aim to become one of the best in the world together.

Lika Nakanishi

After finishing the interview

When meeting him, he always wears a yellow GO GO T-shirt and black pant that is his standing out trademark. This style does not change either in front of the press & media, at his lecture, in social contribution, for official event. Even from afar, you can surely find Mr. Miyamori, the founder & president of GO GO Curry.

Everyone should take a hat off to his thorough branding of the products. He has also contributed to society through the curry and there is no doubt that he is one of the heroes born in Kanazawa. It can be said as a wonderful global contribution of the region that the local specialty of Kanazawa curry spreads throughout Japan and even in the world.

Company Profile

President: Hirokazu Miyamori
Foundation: December 2003
Capital: 55 million JPY
Business Activities: Trading company specializing in curry (chain expansion of curry shop / product development / wholesale / sale of curry product)
Location: 3F Nihon Bldg. 2-6-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



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