Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


HIS established a division to promote franchise licenses through the launch of its trading company division in 2019. HIS's 2022 Corporate Report indicates that the company aims to utilize its network of overseas offices in 61 countries and use HIS resources around the world to activate not only 'people' by travel, but also 'goods' and 'business' around the world. The company will now challenge itself in new areas where it will make secondary use of the resources it has developed in the travel business. Franchise Japan asked Mr.Yoichiro Kishi, who is in charge of this new domain, about the progress so far and prospects for the development.

1 <Use of international networks for travel and non-travel>

  • HIS’s overseas branches have started food and beverage, apparel and trading businesses in the COVID-19 pandemic, while growing new business networks. We support the expansion of our partners’ businesses by delivering the value of the JAPAN brand as an exclusive partner for overseas franchise business development and the development of sales channels and commercial distribution through our travel and non-travel overseas networks. HIS, like other companies, had a difficult time due to COVID-19, but on the contrary, the decline in sales in the travel business has further accelerated this new business.
    The non-travel sector will be strengthened by developing our own routes through local subsidiaries. We have been sending travelers abroad for more than 40 years, and we will furthermore create a scheme for HIS to propose to consumers, in a place prepared by HIS, to add more “food and apparel” to the experience of travelling, especially Japanese food as one of the main things to stimulate further consumption.


  • The owner of “BREAD, ESPRESSO &”, one of the brands we are currently focusing on, has been a great help to us through our accommodation business. When I tasted the bread of BREAD, ESPRESSO &, I was extremely impressed, I had never tasted such good bread before. The owner is also very interested in expanding abroad and we have signed a license agreement with his company whereby we take the lead in licensing and business promotion. They have tried to expand abroad before, and now that we are joining them, they are determined not to fail. The secret of the brand’s delicious taste is its handmade, time-consuming bread dough. Many bakeries these days rely on frozen dough or machine-made products, but when you actually taste them, the difference in flavor is obvious.

3 <Aiming regional development projects in Japan>

  • As well as the international development, we are also part of the promotion of this brand in Japan and launched【HIS x BREAD & ESPRESSO 47 prefectures local project】. Basically, the concept is a ‘food, community and tourism’ concept with one partner system in one province, and tourism is put into each café. This means that a visit to BREAD, ESPRESSO & Café can be enjoyed as a sightseeing trip. This is HIS’s greatest area of expertise and is exactly what we can do. More than 20 candidate companies have now pledged their participation in the project. Many partners are passionate about contributing to local development, and some of them are customers who always buy BREAD, ESPRESSO & breads.
    What is particularly important to note is that both the café and its products in each region always have an important ‘story of the café itself’. For example, the look and feel of the Arashiyama café in Kyoto and the Sakaisuji Club café in Osaka are completely different. The cafés’ names also reflect their original roots: BREAD, ESPRESSO & Sakaisuji Club is a former bank, while BREAD, ESPRESSO & Yuigahama shoten was originally a liquor and tobacco shop, and the shop curtain used in that time is still on display. BREAD, ESPRESSO & Bouquet is located in a flower shop.

4 <Future prospects>

  • We will priorities the local and original roots and culture of the area. This is a common concept both nationally and internationally. We develop partners in different ways. We open popup cafés and actively participate in events and shows. We also approach investors and receive reference offers from HIS local offices abroad. We are looking for partners, both in Japan / abroad, who share our vision and can implement it with HIS. After all, we want to make the most of our greatest strength – our worldwide network – and continue to be HIS that is loved by both consumers and business partners.