Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
Sengoku Sushi School

Sengoku Sushi School

We interviewed President Nomoto, who has created a series of licensed businesses, including house cleaning “NOMOMENTE” and soup specialty “Share The Soup”. In this interview he shows the concept behind his next challenge, “ Sengoku Sushi School”.

<Journey leading to Sengoku Sushi School concept>

  • It all started with the management of our own sushi restaurant “Tenmazushi” in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.

    The restaurant’s master, Mr. Tanaka (Sengoku Sushi School instructor), originally came to the world of sushi from the world of Japanese cuisine.
    He was not only meticulous in his work, but also very research-oriented in his sushi rice (vinegared rice) preparations. Besides, he wanted to pass on his skills to his juniors. After a number of discussions with him, we came up with the idea of “goodwill” instead of “apprenticeship”.
    So, after looking at schools and shops operating similar know-how in Tokyo and Osaka, we became convinced that this was a business model that would definitely succeed.

<Origin of the name Sengoku Sushi School>

  • Did you know that, of course, sushi toppings are important in determining the quality of sushi, but Instructor Tanaka says that sushi rice determines 90% of the quality of sushi.
    For example, he serves a sushi rice only without topping in bite-size or mixed with the broth from steamed egg custard. The taste of steamed egg custard is not lost. This is because the vinegar is also carefully blended to make sushi rice much less sweet.
    The original name of the school was “Sushi Rice Academy”, but after instructor Tanaka came up with the idea, we decided on the name “Sengoku Sushi School” to make it easier to understand and to create a more impactful place to learn about sushi.

<The outline of Sengoku Sushi School>

  • Basically, the instructors are also available to replicate the taste of Instructor Tanaka.
    The building will be constructed on the site of the current INASORA café-restaurant, which is also we operate.
    It would be not possible for graduates to open a high-end sushi restaurant right from the start, but they start with a three-month basic course. This will be followed by evening courses and then expanded to include Saturday and Sunday courses.
    Students of all ages and nationalities are welcome. We will also support students to find jobs after their sushi studies and support to set up their own restaurants such as “seafood rice bowls” and “casual sushi” restaurants after graduation. We are also currently building an introduction website dedicated to sushi chefs. In this way, we will support our students to ensure that they are completely satisfied with both the entry point and job placement.

<Aspirations for overseas expansion and future development>

  • Of course, we are also looking to expand overseas.
    We have already received offers from overseas investors who wish to invest in our business plan, and to be honest, I’m surprised.
    The Japanese franchise headquarters will find and develop Sengoku Sushi School partners worldwide.
    I am now reminded once again that Susi is a much-loved dish all over the world.
    Therefore, an investment model is also being developed to connect sushi chefs with owners who wish to invest.
    We also support property development and our franchisors are free to name their sushi restaurants as they wish.
    We are actively supporting both types of activities, such as “people from overseas learning about sushi in Japan and setting up their own restaurants” or “Japanese people moving abroad and seeking new frontiers by running sushi restaurants”. Stay tuned for more about our activities.