Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


Franchise Japan interviewed Mr. Kazuya Ogushi, President and Representative Director of YUM YUM CREATES CO., LTD., that is a revolutionary/venture company in the sweets industry.

All started from grilled doughnut

  • We are developing two brands named Baked Magic and Baby Magic.

    I love surfing and I was thinking that I would have my own shops all over the world while surfing in various countries from my young age in 20s.

    I like sweets and came across baked doughnuts while I thought that I wanted to start something.

    In 2010, I started a shop in front of the Hyotanyama station in Higashi Osaka City where is my home town.

    The first shop got a queue every day for several months.

    Since I am originally an imagination type entrepreneur, I was thinking about the next hit since I opened the shop – what would be next to the baked doughnuts.

    Currently, we sell a wide range of scorched cream puff, cheese cake rusk and b.

Fun practice every day

  • efore the name of Baked Magic was known, I had repeated passionate sales so that it could be presented to department store events.

    I did my best not only at the shop, but also especially to be recognized externally.

    Although a lot of troubles at the beginning, starting shops in the stations along the Kintetsu railway line, we advertised the brand names at various department store events as well.

    Now we are wholesaling and also displaying at souvenir shops and mass merchandisers.

    Recently, we also have started gift services.

    Supported by a lot of people, I have accumulated results, with the goal of putting out the sweets of my own thinking into the world.

Contacts and franchise expansion overseas

  • We were also able to have a base in Vietnam while receiving the cooperation of various people of JETRO.

    In addition, this year we exhibited at the “Tokyo Franchise Show”. Thus we are accelerating at a stretch as the first year of our franchise business.

    In the future, we will promote the franchise development as one of the main business among about 5 core domains.

    Recently we have received many inquiries about overseas expansion such as China and Indonesia, but we will expand the business while building root in Higashiosaka city.


    There are various issues such as joint venture in overseas deployment, but we would like to clear each one to advance forward while enjoying the issue.

Realizing spreading dreams

  • In the future, we aim to become a 10 billion yen comprehensive company of sweets.

    In Japan, the goal is to franchise several shops in every prefectures.

    Of course, we will also compete in the world based on my city. There is no point in moving the head office function to another big city. Because I hope to activate more my home town and create a “sweets theme park”.

    If so, a lot of people from Japan and around the world will visit the city.

    It is not a big mouse but a commitment!

Editor's note after the interview

  • He was such a person that naughty kid became adult as it is.

    Anyway, he is good to be liked and to have a connection.

    The cutting edge of the roll cake can not be used normally, but he uses them to sell. The mind to cherish foods without wasting like this is truly wonderful.

    “This is delicious, cheap and I can sell!” He talked with a smile all the time and gave me a lot of sweets as souvenirs.

    I am also from Higashi Osaka city.

    I felt that I would like to support the dream of President Ogushi as possible as I can. (LN)