Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


Original Kushikatsu DARUMA was born in 1929

Original Kushikatsu DARUMA was born in 1929

  • DARUMA is the originator of kushikatsu that is one of Osaka’s soul foods comparable to okonomiyaki and takoyaki.
    The original Kushikatsu DARUMA started by Momono Yoshie in a part of Shinsekai that is a city of common people of Osaka. We have reached the present while protecting the brown sauce that she originated and adding ingenuity.
    It is DARUMA style to dip by yourself in the original sauce blended with a variety of sauces and seasonings.
    The manner of “Do not dip your eating kushikatsu twice in the sauce” was created to be used by other customers pleasantly. Now it has become the manner & style of common kushikatsu shops.
    The sauce that is plentifully in a square box of stainless steel is a “standard style of kushikatsu” in a long history.
    It is absolutely forbidden to dip your eating kushikatsu in a sauce box that every customers use.
    This rule should be accepted not only in Japan but all over the world.

Started from 10 square meters, 12 seats

  • At first it is crisp! Next, springy texture inside. That is DARUMA’s taste.
    With fine coating and reasonable size, we make it easy to eat for even women and children.
    When the predecessor suffered from illness and it became a situation to close DARUMA (current Shinsekai main shop) that continued from its founding in 1929, a professional boxer, Mr. Akai Hidekazu started to call on everyone to say “the famous kushikatsu shop should not be closed” and then the current chairman & president, Kamiyama Katsuya took over the main shop in November 2001.
    Whichever oil, coating, sauce is missing, we can not have the taste of Kushikatsu DARUMA.
    The beginning was only one shop of 10 square meters, 12 seats.
    Meanwhile we aimed to become a company by tackling the rule making of the shop and reforming the shop, and then established a corporation in 2003.

Taking over the taste and tradition of DARUMA

  • We use a head oil for DARUMA’s special original oil.
    There is no distinctive peculiarity of oil and you can eat deliciously even if you are not good at deep-fried foods and not lying heavy on the stomach even if you eat a lot.
    In order to take over the taste, we have created a set of three things that “we cannot change absolutely”.
    What we do not make any compromise is “coating, sauce, oil.”
    We melt the powder with water in each shop and use very custom bread crumbs. Only three people in this world know our secret recipe for the sauce. Thin and dark brown sauce with smooth sweetness and sour taste moderately. Oil is head (beef tallow) 100%, which is also a special order item.
    In all, we protect the taste by stickiness.
    Cabbage is free for you. If you do not have enough sauce once dipped, add by attaching with a piece of cabbage.


Joining the parent in workplace project

  • President Kamiyama directly called Mr. Nakai Masashi, president of Okonomiyaki CHIBO who proposed “the parent in workplace” at a TV program and said, “It is a good social contribution. Can I do it together?” It is from the idea that we would like to take care of prisoner, person punished at juvenile training school and ordinary young people together as the same persona.
    Before employing them, there was a slight sense of resistance inside the company, but the manager of the shop told “everyone is an ordinary person” and took care of them.
    We tell each person first as “Do your best earnestly, life can start over, your life in the future is longer than before”. We will leave everything to the store manager, and I think that they are trained very hard mentally and physically to work under the manager of the sports-minded. There are a lot of young employees, so friends’ consciousness is growing up, and everyone works seriously.

DARUMA aims to be the best kushikatsu brand in Japan and the world

  • Our overseas expansion is not just the number of shops developing, but we will continue to push forward by keeping Japan’s soul food in mind.

    Because we adopt a license agreement, everyone will carry on behalf of the “Daruma” signboard, so we would like to carefully but boldly select overseas partners.
    Currently, as our overseas shops, we have 1 shop in Taipei and 1 shop in Manila.
    Recently we have opened new high-end business style restaurant “Sosaku Kushiage DARUMA KIWAMI” in Ginza and Shinchi to aim to be the best kushikatsu brand in Japan and the world.
    Our overseas expansion has just begun.