Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


GATTEN SUSHI, pioneer of gourmet revolving sushi restaurant.
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Aiming for the world's best

  • We have 270 restaurants in Japan and 30 in foreign countries. In Japan, we are developing 35 brands, mainly with sushi, ramen, and tonkatsu. We operate several brands including new business styles especially for sushi.

    In 1987, we opened the first “Genrokuzushi franchise outlet”. After the franchise contract, we restarted as “GATTEN SUSHI” in 1995. We opened the first overseas outlet in China in 2008, and the first US outlet of GATTEN SUSHI, which is revolving sushi style, in California. The reason why we have advanced overseas is “to aim for the world’s best in sushi business”.  Now GATTEN SUSHI has 12 restaurants in Shanghai, 10 in Seoul and 5 in USA.

Our Strengths


    Overseas restaurants that we have opened so far maintain the same quality as Japan. On the other hand, we also customize the recipe flexibly according to the nature and circumstance of each country/region.
    We have held our sushi contest to compete the technical skills of employees. Members selected from among them participated in “TV Champion Revolving Sushi Competition” of TV Tokyo, and achieved a fruit of three consecutive victories, proving the high level of technical strength.
    In our restaurant management, we respect the company’s policy 80% and leave the remaining 20% to individual autonomy in order to incorporate employee ideas. Such kind of company culture leads to good sales and customer satisfaction.
    In 2015, we established Washoku Inc. http://www.washoku-jinzai.co.jp/en/(operating “Japan Sushi College”).
    For security and safety initiatives, we have our own laboratory to conduct monitoring microorganism inspections from ingredients supplied to restaurants to products offered to customers, and confirm the safety of them.
    We also regularly verify that proper cleaning and washing are being carried out with wiping inspection in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Overseas quality

  • Overseas new products are devised by local chefs as well as there are suggestions from Japan, so there are many opportunities for fusing cultures of each other.
    We are conducting on-site training in Japan, and Japanese sushi craftsmen visit and instruct locally especially at the time of opening.
    Ingredients will be purchased locally, but some foodstuffs are exported from Japan.

Persistent pursuit of deliciousness

  • What we cherish is commitment to purchasing, cooking, and ingredients.
    Our corporate philosophy is “to enjoy a real taste at an affordable price” and “to leap with society”.
    We always keep in mind that we propose Japanese food culture to the world.
    As our expanding markets, we focus on the Pacific Rim area including ASEAN and aim for 1000 restaurants in the next decade.
    The goal of all our employees is to spread our quality to the world.