Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
Awajishima curry

Awajishima curry

Regionally contributed business "Awajishima curry”. Whole high grade onion made in Awajishima is used per dish as its brand name.The number of shops using the brand product has exceeded 150 nationwide.
Mr. Jun Oyama, the producer of Awajishima curry, a director of NPO Awaji Revitalization Promotion Committee, and also the representative director of Be proud Co., Ltd. came to Franchise Japan.

To the whole country of Japan with soul

  • We only purchase valuable variety of onions in Awajishima from local farmers.These onions are richly groomed in a rich soil, and the sugar content is 7 to 11 degrees, which is comparable to that of none.

    We carry them from the farmers to our onion factory and sauté them until right brown slowly over 4 hours.This creates sweetness with richness without adding sugar.

    Then sautéed onions are brought to our curry factory to blend with curry roux, 9 kinds of fruits, and 16 kinds of spices, chicken bones soup, and demiglace sauce. We repeated trial & error over and over again and also stuck to the order of the process and the mixture. We finally send the products after frozen quickly to the shops nationwide with our soul.

It's not just a curry franchise business

  • We make sure to invite those who wish to be franchisee to come to Awajishima.

    We value most not only to understand our business model but also to sympathize with our business concept as so-called sharing economy.

    Also, staying at Awajishima and becoming like Awajishima is an important factor in collaborating each other. Our Malaysian partner also stayed in Awajishima for a week. During your stay you will meet producers and visit the factories and we would like you to become a fan of Awajishima yourself.

    That is the stance of our business and it is the first step.Also, in order to continue this project, we request people and company that become our partner to be a member of NPO Awaji Revitalization Promotion Committee.

The taste of curry and the law of our success


    There is a law in a prosperous shop,which means “a popular shop is changing its taste in two phases”, that is, spicy and rich or sweet.

    Meanwhile Awajishima curry changes the taste in three phases. Namely, it is sweet, rich and spicy. You can become a family of Awajishima curry even menu introduction only (menu on).

    License fee is also considerably lowered, and we are making efforts to make more fans of Awajishima curry more. The primary goal is to return earnings to Awajishima.Therefore, we do not spend money on the headquarters function.

    It can be operated even at a small shop, the investment collection period is also surprisingly fast. In addition, we have not received royalty for far. We will promote our business only with those who support local cooperation projects.


Producing and selling professionals work together to challenge Japan and the world

  • NPO Awaji Revitalization Promotion Committee was established in 2010 with a vision to enrich Japan through food and hopes that “the whole island to be revitalized and people in the whole country to enjoy the richness through sightseeing and products”. It is a rare model which is operated by not only people in the local area but also people in urban areas under the concept of “Local and Urban Collaboration” where professionals of producing in local area and of selling in urban areas collaborate in a real sense.

    With this teamwork, we would like to appeal the richness of Awajishima through “Awajishima curry” to the world from now on. I would like to extend my friends little by little in various countries of the world.

    Now we are putting together ideas about a business model that lowers the entry hurdle to join. Please look forward to our future activities.