Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world
Customers Delight

Customers Delight

Close to Mr. Ryusuke Nakamura representative of Customers Delight, social venture of food to combine F&B business with preschool institution.Franchise Japan interviewed at Tokyo head office of the company.

Creating “food & job” environment where preschool is available

  • “Children waiting for preschool” is an issue of the entire society of Japan. I was also thinking about how to make employees easy to work not only for salary.
    I was taught a worrying problem from my female acquaintance who works in the service industry. “The use fee for placing children is high. A fraction of salary disappears as a childcare fee … it should be say something wrong.” It became a hint for me.
    I decided to take action in response to this task that I also wanted to do something, and founded a preschool in the same building as the headquarters. I think that we need to support the way of livings rather than assisting working colleagues.
    In the future I will consider to increase the number of preschools as well as shops and I would like to focus on childcare business at the same time. The name of our facility is “Lea”, which means “hope” in Hawaiian. Qualified full-time nursery teachers reside in our preschool.

Dream to the world stage

  • We have been once expanded in Vietnam and Thailand in the past, but we have had retirement experiences. As a group, we currently operate 51 directly managed shops and 23 franchise member shops. In the Philippines and Korea, we are developing “CHIKUZENYA” brand in licensed format. In Vietnam we are trying again with steak and hamburger brand “Teppanbokujo”.
    In the future, we will expand the European market from Rome where there is our directly managed outlet. In Asia, we will compete with license agreement from our base in Singapore. As well in Japan, we will expand to Kansai where almost undeveloped area is for us.
    It seems there are still many people who find and like our services in the world. Recently we have received contacts from Dubai and India.

Spreading thoughts

  • Regarding the relationship with overseas partners, we consider that the content of contract and checking of logistics and food material supply are important points.
    While clearing them, I would like to expand a stone milling juwari soba “HASEGAWA” brand that has many undeveloped parts in the world. And once soba is ready, udon can also be spread.
    I think that soba can be accepted by diet-oriented people as it is gluten-free.
    Regarding ramen, incorporating vegetable ramen into the menu should become the world standard in the future.

Dominant strategy of 5 business types in the world

  • In Italy, Ramen Bar Akira is doing well.
    With this as a trigger, we are now paying attention to Northern Europe such as Sweden, Central Europe such as Hungary, and South Eastern Europe such as Serbia.
    We are building a dominant model that allows franchise members and us to dominate the area in five business types of “soba”, “Japanese food”, “steak”, “Japanese style pub” following breakthrough by “ramen” first.
    I am looking forward to Customers Delight family to cooperate for developing further developments in the future.