Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


The world's first stock listing company in the coin-operated laundry industry. Currently WASH HOUSE has 410 coin-operated laundries in Japan.

Outlet expansion that is more different than others

  • WASH HOUSE launderettes are completely different from conventional images such as “dark”, “dirty” and “scary”. The impression of glance inside is overwhelmingly beautiful and thoroughly making laundries with spacious cleanliness.
    Our company is headquartered in Miyazaki Prefecture and has fulfilled the first listed company in the coin-operated laundry industry. In the growth rate ranking of technology companies, we were chosen as 2016 15th “Deloitte Asia Pacific Region Technology Fast 500”.
    Although most coin-operated laundry chains are voluntary chains that sell machines, we have prepared a backup system based on compliance with laws and regulations, and are developing franchise members with a strong marketing strategy. In that respect as well, I consider we are “more different than others”. While other companies’ models are mainly utilization of idle land and side business, WASH HOUSE opens launderettes in places where sales can be expected.

Demand for self-service laundry

  • In the market which is said to have approx. 200 thousand self-service laundries over the world, the social background in which coin laundry is needed has been definitely changing in Japan.
    People suffering from allergic diseases, which are rapidly increasing in recent years due to Hay fever and PM 2.5. Apartment where washing machine / dryer can not be put in. There is no equipment to wash large items such as futon. It is forbidden to hang the laundry on the veranda. Due to such physical reasons and efficient use of time for dual work, etc., the importance of the coin laundry becomes diverse and is increased day by day.
    Coin laundry has landed in Japan in the 1970s, and the fourth coin laundry boom has arrived now.

Correspondence by centralized management system

  • We are monitoring all the launderettes 24 hours a day, 365 days by headquarters staff using web cameras. By introducing IoT type laundry equipment that can be controlled by remote control from headquarters and other methods, we provide real-time support like a manned outlet while being an unattended one. In this way, we have established a system that customers can use with confidence while offering the same quality and service at all launderettes. In addition, by using this IoT-based outlet management system, we are accelerating the speed of developing multi-outlets.
    In other words, our “collective management system of all stores” provides all the activities necessary for the operation and management of the launderette to be introduced and the work burden on each outlet operation of our franchise members is substantially zeroed.
    The centralized management system by the headquarters is extremely beneficial for franchise members and it can be said a business close to investment similar to building owner business. By applying the building management to the coin-operated laundry, all of the launderette operations from money-collecting to outlet cleaning are managed by us and we make franchise owners an opportunity not to do anything.

Toward the world

  • We acquired business model patents combining monitoring cameras and remote controls in Korea and China In 2009. “Haier” with the world’s largest home appliance brand sales share and one of the world’s giant IT company “Microsoft” is working on joint development of the next generation system, and when this system is completed it will be possible to expand our system overseas.
    Self-service laundries are mainly operated by individual business owners in USA as well as in Japan.
    The same Issues such as the dark atmosphere of the outlet, thorough security, and slow response when trouble occurred that self-service laundry in Japan had over many years, are still present in USA as well.
    By considering such issues, we believe that expansion of market and full-scale deployment of global business can be promoted by introducing sophisticated service of “Japan Quality = WASH HOUSE Quality” to the world’s markets including USA.
    Our business scheme is “blue ocean” and I am convinced the possibility of spreading from the Japanese market to the global market.