Excelent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world.
Excellent Japanese franchise packages and licenses to the world


The latest trend is a model whereby Japanese brands are first developed successfully abroad and then re-imported back to Japan. We interviewed President Tsubasa Endo about TOYOUKE STAND, a prime example of this.

Nakanishi:How was the brand conceived in Japan, debuted in Hong Kong and then expanded to Kyoto?

Endo: At first, TOYOUKE STAND debuted in the juice business segment as a wholesale business under the brand name Kamienishi. Also, I am often asked why Japanese tea?
As I myself have developed many businesses abroad and gained experience in various markets, I realized the high potential of Japanese food and the particularly high demand for Japanese tea. I also realized that there is a high demand for Japanese tea in particular, and strongly desire to spread the beautiful spirit of Japan, such as the "spirit of Shintoism" and the "spirit of hospitality", not only in Japan but also throughout the world. However, the food and beverage industry is weak in the field of web marketing, and there are many cases of good products being buried. I myself am not only a web 2.0 marketer, but also a web 3.0 marketer. By utilizing both of these skills, I have created a juice brand using Arimachi, which is mainly Japanese tea, called Kamienishi, in order to support regional revitalization and social contribution in Japan by breathing new life into "Japanese food".
The brand first attracted the attention of our partner in Hong Kong.
Later, as the business grew and attracted attention in Hong Kong, we met a good partner in Japan.

Nakanishi: You say it is a well-thought-out concept - can you tell us about it?

Endo: We released the following press release:
“Just eat it and good luck will come to you! The first good-luck charm Sweets Café TOYOUKE STAND in Japan!”, “What is good-luck charm café TOYOUKE STAND?”, “A concept café specializing in sweets that bring you luck when you eat them, created by a company TOYOUKE, which is a professional group specializing in Web 3.0 x restaurants.”
In fact, this contains a deep meaning that I want to convey. I want to carry on on and connect traditional Japanese culture, Shintoism and the Japanese spirit. With this in mind, we started developing Kamienishi Japanese tea royal milk tea after many prototypes, using only the finest quality tea leaves, precious true Arimachi powder and other carefully selected domestic ingredients. Thankfully, through a wonderful match, we were able to expand overseas and now our overseas customers appreciate the Japanese flavors and culture we cherish. In our journey around the country to develop new products for opening in Japan, we were able to experience the ancient culture, feel the four seasons and get in touch with many wonderful ingredients and products. We wanted to share the wonders of Japan with more people, so we set up TOYOUKE STAND, which is a food select shop whose name derives from Touko Omikami, the god of food and grain who is worshipped at the outer shrine of Ise Jingu, and who blesses everything through food and protects our daily lives. “Through TOYOUKE STAND, we hope that people can feel the spirit of traditional Japanese culture, Shintoism and hospitality.” This is the message that shares our thoughts and we have received a lot of feedback.
In fact, this is the first stage, and we will continue to evolve, not just as a select shop, but also as a product development group and a brand development group, and continue to transmit Japanese culture through TOYOUKE STAND.

Nakanishi: I also tasted the food. Please explain the menu again.

Endo: I would like to explain the menu of the Japanese tea royal milk tea Kamienishi. We carefully select the highest quality Japanese tea leaves suitable for milk tea from all over Japan, including deep steamed green tea made from only the first tea leaves produced in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, the home of Mt Fuji. With the cooperation of dairy farmers and tea farmers, we have conducted extensive research and developed a unique royal milk tea manufacturing process that brings out the rich flavor and astringency of the tea leaves. By adding true Warabimochi powder to this, the "Japanese tea royal milk tea with Warabimochi" is created, which gives the sensation of eating "Japanese sweets".
We ring the Kagura bell when handing over our products to customers and say the Shinto words 'Protect me and make me happy' to wish them good luck. This Japanese tea royal milk tea, with its softly spreading aroma and delicious taste, is made from the highest quality ingredients of 100% domestic tea, and is a prayer for good luck for the body and soul. The Kyoto Shijo-Kawaramachi shop also sells [Kyoto shop only] Kinkakuji Matcha Milk Tea. It is a premium cup of tea made with the brand "Mccoy" matcha from Uji City, Kyoto, and lavishly topped with gold leaf from Kanazawa to create the image of the World Heritage Site "Kinkakuji Temple" in Kyoto, which cannot be tasted anywhere else. In fact, this is our most popular menu item.

Nakanishi: Please tell us about your future global expansion.

Endo: We are a group of experts in various fields, including marketers, designers and food directors. We have knowledge of web 3.0 and AI technology, which will be important in the future.
This enables us to embody what is required not only by our customers, but also by the region and the times.
We are open to partnerships in any country with people and companies that understand our concept. First of all, we invite you to come to Kyoto and experience the taste and atmosphere. As a select shop, we would also like you to try our new crepe menu. We look forward to welcoming you at our Kyoto shop. We look forward to seeing you there.

Comment by the interviewer

I was surprised at how well Japanese tea goes with milk. The development of a related brand is currently in preparation. I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of menu and brands Team TOYOUKE will develop in the future!