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Mar. 02, 2017

【editor’s voice】
Competence of today’s franchise founder

The power chart of the FC industry originating in the United States is entering transition period. In the survey [of convenience store markect ],conducted by the convenience store in 2014, the domestic market for Japan for the first time exceeded 10 trillion yen, it grows both in Japan and overseas, alliance with other businesses currently. According to a survey in October 2015 of six countries in Southeast Asia, in the restaurant industry, the chain stores that suppresses the major US makers exceeding 1,000 shops have risen. The brand chain stores that partly converted to FC and expanded direct management, the casual style shops that have kept membership fees under a kiosk type entity , operated by one person easily, All of them increased sharply. Japan is also motivated to enter such countries as ramen, pork cutlet, set meal and grilled meat. While 600 million people of the ASEAN Economic Community are attractive, it is important to understand the differences in tastes and cultures of each country and to customize.

the interface, bold menu constitution, the change of main user, a thought circuit,  of slightly strange shops according to Japanese, could not be changed. and it will be late


The signboard can be seen both in the set meal restaurant of Japan, curry restaurant of other countries  it has not dared to publicly say that it is derived from Japan. The threat of eating-out chain restaurant is not only rival companies in the same industry but also a variety of convenience stores, and no one can stop this competition. In the education system, there are also cram schools in Osaka that have hardly been noticeable but became hit in the Singapore, This is a splendid achievement among breaks in six Asian countries.


While saying that, the Philippines where you can speak English as the contract number 1 of call center. companies that are offering free knowledge acquisition training to other headquarters challenging global strategy in other countries where prices are cheap have also emerged. This is to lower the investment cost of the franchisee side, to make dominant strategy and Asian bases open at the same time.

One major company which runs franchise successfully tells the secret. "Headquarters' brand 50% location 30% management 20%". There is a system that even high school students can manage in this chain. The structure that can analyze sales, the sales forecast of today by the sales, weather, the number of staff last year, the utilization of big data is flourishing as well.


The important information sharing system grasps numerical value of the whole chain by a basic function.  As for the investment payback period of the member money, which was said to be five years changes to be 2 or 3 years but still depends on a type of industry . It is important to keep in mind that not only major companies but also small and medium-sized headquarters are supposed to be systems and manuals that can be used worldwide from the beginning in the future.


Even in accession development, it is also effective to utilize step mail wisely recently rather than a brute phone attack. In other words, the future small and medium-sized FC headquarters is not a campaign strategy by salesperson, but rather like Amazon dream selling of  "success story filled with failure " with contents, SNS, and a long tail method In other words, not to "do it" but to try to "let me do it" ,to receive an attack .

The customer who come to the franchise store,might be attracted by the business models and will run this franchise finally. Founder's charisma has a great influence on accession. I think that the fitness of FC founders nowadays is that there is "IT sense" by human.



By Lika Nakanishi