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  • Lead Runner Interview

  • Lead Runner Interview

    • Triangle Co., Ltd.

      President Garden Co., Ltd.

      Akira Kunimatsu

  • Triangle Co., Ltd.

    We established in 1955 and opened a noodle shop for the first time at street stalls in Fukuoka in 1974. In recent years, tourists from Japan and abroad as well are seeking the taste of ICHIRYU.

    Since our start, “Natural Tonkotsu 100%” created through repeated trial has attracted our customers from young to old ages with the exquisite balance of a mellow soup without Tonkotsu distinctive odor and exclusive thin noodles used.

Garden Group

  • Since its founding, Garden Group has been involved in the revitalization of a number of companies that have been forced into bankruptcies. The company have succeeded in the enterprises revitalization of 10 companies with unprofitable businesses (100% success rate of enterprises revitalization) to make them its group companies.

    The company has the successful results that restored profitability of about 200 shops in 20 types of business including ramen, izakaya (Japanese pub), steak house, bowl rice, Hawaiian dining, karaoke and so on.

    In particular for the various types of ramen such as “pork-based tonkotsu”, “family taste”, “ramen without soup”, “chicken-based white soup”, the company has revitalized more than 100 shops and accumulated its own know-hows. It can be said that the history of the Garden Group is the history of rebuilding companies.

The secret of rapid growth

  • We currently operate 200 shops as a holding company and 50 shops among them are operated by franchise members. There are nine corporations under Garden Group.

    We are trying to rebuild insolvent companies through M & A.

    Our greatest strength is the experiences and results that have made most of all loss-making shops to profitable.

    Meanwhile our aim is not only the advantage of content, namely delicious meal, but also the originality to attract customers and the method to create an enjoyable space.

    We must be pleased by all our customers through food. However we never just end up offering content.  Thriving shops and making them profitable should be the biggest difference with other companies.

    We are glad that you will use our experience for your company’s management.

Breakthrough Academy

  • In fact, our business does not depend on the business type or content.

    We have our own training curriculum to learn all knowledges of restaurant management.

    The training is for the carrier formations to be shop manager, department and general manager.

    By setting goals, trainees experience the fact that “customers change by doing our best” and each trainee finally can actually feel the personal growth. Also in the process of M & A, trainees will be able to reselect their ways of life as our new employee.

Failure is nutrition

  • I think that there are not many companies that have succeeded by expanding overseas from Japan.

    In the past, I also continually negotiated with overseas companies but did not go well. Even if there are some failures in overseas expansion, I believe that they become our nutrition to step towards a fruit named success.

    I think that If we want to succeed, we have to invest as much as we can. At the same time, it is important to create a good connection and build a brand in Asia

    I would like to compete in big markets, such as USA and Europe. I feel the possibility of Chinese market as well. Race and law are different and there are risks, but I want to do seriously when I expand overseas.

Opportunity to meet good partners

  • I think that the success of overseas development depends on the opportunity to meet good partners. We can share the direction while drawing out the good points of each other.

    Choosing a network or partner is very important. As a second pillar, I would like to raise sales overseas. In the past, companies expanding overseas were something cool for me, but recently I re-realized the goodness of Japanese culture. In many cases, common in Japan may not common overseas, thus I would like to tell more about the goodness of Japan through our know-how.


    Consistent approach for overseas

    When expanding in USA, we will start with M&A for franchise or licensing system but not from unit franchise. We sometimes are exhausted due to price competition in Japan, but there are customers who are willing to eat our ramen at our bidding price by cross-border which enhances our motivation. Our target is opening 1000 shops in 10 years. We will build a good profitable structure to gain mutually, which can also contribute to each country and region.


  • Akira Kunimatsu

    Akira Kunimatsu profile:
    President Garden Co., Ltd.

    Born in Tokyo.
    Engaged in model business since 17 years old.
    More than 500 appearances including drama, regular programs In addition to 60 TV commercials, photo album. In 2000, he participated in the foundation of the company with his strength and skills gained by winning the auditions in the entertainment industry. He made loss-making 200 shops in 20 business types to profitable
    Besides the company's revitalization, he is also devoting efforts to cultivate managers based on his simple management method that can make a company profitable through lectures and seminars

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